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Top Cannabis Retailers in Washington State Impress With Their Product Selection and Service

Residents of Washington State were the first in the nation to vote for recreational marijuana to become legal. Since that historic 2012 result, stores stocking cannabis-based products and selling them to adults have become more and more common.

As such, residents and visitors alike now have many choices before them when they decide to responsibly enjoy marijuana themselves. Choosing the right cannabis store will help make a positive, safe experience even more likely.

The Best Stores Make It Even Easier to Enjoy Marijuana Responsibly

Although marijuana is still heavily controlled at the federal level, states nationwide have loosened up their own related restrictions in recent years. Twenty-nine of the fifty states now allow for physician supervised use of marijuana for medical purposes, and eight have made the recreational consumption of the substance legal, as well.

While the latter development is one that is still to be enjoyed by many nationwide, it has been of particular interest to many fans. Being able to buy marijuana at a store much like has been possible with alcoholic beverages for so long has been a dream of millions for decades.

Fortunately, the best stores in states where the recreational use of marijuana is now legal are committed to enabling positive experiences for all. As those who visit Greenside or a similar store in Washington State will see, for instance, high quality products like the following are available:

Plant. Many marijuana users still prefer to smoke or process the buds of the plant in their natural form. With dozens of different varietals being listed at sites like, choosing an appropriate and appealing one should never be a problem. Leading marijuana retailers will often go beyond the basics by detailing the kinds of experiences that particular strains of the plant promote.

Edibles. An increasingly popular option in many places is the consumption of prepared foods that have been infused with oil extracted from cannabis. While care must always be taken not to overdo it, many find that edible, cannabis-enhanced products are both convenient and enjoyable.

Concentrates. The active ingredients in cannabis have been extracted and purified in various ways for many centuries. Today, particularly advanced processes allow for better targeted extraction and even higher purity levels.

An Experience to Savor and Remember

With leading stores in Washington State now making it easy to obtain cannabis-based products like these and others, recreational users have never had it better. Taking the time to find and patronize an especially worthy retailer will always pay off.